About WealthyMe

WealthyMe is an independent financial planning and advice practice. Our business was founded in 2019 to respond to the need for professional financial planning and advice. 

Soon after starting our business, we were faced with the Covid-19 pandemic that genuinely threatened the survival of our business. We were fortunate enough to adapt immediately to the challenges, by being resilient in the face of adversity and adopting smart technology solutions. 

Our business started out providing risk and estate planning services as the pandemic heightened the need for these foundational financial planning services. We started out as a juristic representative of another financial services company and later on applied to the FSCA for our own license. 

The process of applying for our license was filled with many challenges we needed to overcome. By God’s amazing grace we received our approval from the FSCA on the 14 of February 2023. The FSCA has a mandate to protect the consumers of financial services and that’s why they have to perform a proper due diligence to ensure that the financial services provider meets the required standards.

We are perfectly poised to provide easily accessible, high-quality and affordable financial services to individuals and legal entities (companies, trusts, NPO’s and government). WealthyMe provides value by assessing the customers unique needs, financial situation and goals. Based on these factors we are able to develop a financial plan and expertly match the customer’s needs to the most suitable financial solution from an array of product suppliers. 

At WealthyMe we always place the interest of the customer above our own interest. There is a mantra in our business where we say, ” The relationship is more profitable than the transaction”. This means, if we do what is right for the customer by not chasing profits, we will be more profitable and sustainable in the long run. We simply can’t afford to lose a customer because we are chasing a transaction. 

Team Members
Combined Years experience

Vision, Mission and Purpose


To become a multidisciplinary financial services company on the African continent and to spearhead inclusive innovation in financial services.



To be recognised as the most caring and trustworthy financial services provider by our customers.

Purpose Statement

Our purpose is to contribute towards levelling inequality and closing the wealth gap in South Africa.

We do this by helping our customers build generational wealth with carefully crafted financial roadmaps, combined with a strong focus on financial literacy. This ultimately creates financial freedom. 

Our employees as well as shareholders also benefit from our shared value policy through financial rewards. As proud ambassadors of the organisation, our employees are mobilised to spearhead positive change in society.